Do I need hosting with my domain

A domain registration is like a phone number. When you register a domain you are securing that domain name for yourself and no one can take it away from you. However you can't do much with it unless you have somewhere to point it. It's like having a phone number but no phone.

In the following scenarios you would need a hosting service in addition to your domain registration:

  • You want to host a website
  • You want to set up e-mail accounts linked to your domain
  • You need a MySQL Database
  • You need FTP storage space

In other words, if you want to do pretty much anything with your domain and don't already have your own server or hosting elsewhere you will need a hosting service (ours start from just R49 per month, click here to compare our plans).

NB: If you already have your own server or you have hosting with another provider you can simply update your nameservers to point to that server. You can do this in our client area and this is possible on any domain registration at no extra cost, no hosting needed.

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